Feel the
“Elegance,”the “Seasons” and the “Culture”

Akiu Onsen hot-spring resort along the crystal-clear Natori River has long been prized for its highly beneficial hot waters. It was our longtime desire to create an authentic and luxurious Japanese inn here in Akiu Onsen. Our 26,000 square-meter exquisite Japanese garden, the architectural beauty of traditional sukiya-style Japanese structures and refined “Chakaiseki” tea-ceremony cuisine combine to guarantee a truly relaxing stay.

Area Attractions

Enjoy the diverse attractions Akiu has to offer

Rairai-kyo Gorge

Waters of the Natori River carved the Akiu-rock riverbed, creating numerous fantastically-shaped stone images. As you stroll along this promenade of nature, seasonal scenic spectacles unfold before your very eyes. The picturesque crimson foliage in autumn is beyond description. If you look down from the Nozoki-bashi Bridge, you’ll find a heart-shaped hollow, which is recognized as a “Holy Place of Lovers.”

(6-minute walk from Saryou SOUEN)

Jigen-ji Temple

Celebrities visit this temple from around the world. The chief priest of this temple is only the second person in the 1300-year-long history of Kimpusen-ji Temple (mountain asceticism headquarters) who completed the unbelievably strict austerities of walking along rugged mountain paths 48 kilometers a day for 1,000 days over a period of nine years, followed by nine days of fasting, no water, no sleeping and no relaxing in bed. The holy fire burning rites and preaching by this saint are bound to be unforgettable.

(20-minute by car from Saryou SOUEN)

Yabe-en Chaho
(green tea shop)

President of Yabe-en Chaho perpetuates the motto: “I wish everyone can appreciate the true taste and spirit of green tea. Sampling green teas at Yabe-en presents a coveted opportunity to share his passion. Green teas from Yabe-en are superb to the extent that they have been selectted to be served on board the “Shikishima” tourist train. The skill of preparing a cup of green tea in the tea shop is also a “must-see” entertainment.

(50-minute by car from Saryou SOUEN)

Akiu-jinja Shrine

The deity of this Shinto shrine is widely known as the “God of Victory” and, as such, attracts a large number of prominent athletes. A parishioner representative says, “Please visit this shrine and pray for victory if you wish to win the important competitions in your life.” The approach to the shrine sanctuary is impressively lined on both sides with numerous colorful banners.

(11-minute by car from Saryou SOUEN)


Fashioned by reconstructing an old farmhouse, Akiu-sha serves as a base for local tourism. It houses a restaurant, where the “Akiu-sha Plate” featuring locally harvested fresh vegetables is highly popular. A cycling tour guided by a dedicated rider-guide is also available from here.

(3-minute by car from Saryou SOUEN)

Akiu Village

This tourist attraction invites visitors to experience harvesting fresh vegetables and enjoy a variety of local taste treats. Its building houses a food court, farmers’ market and even shops selling Miyagi Prefecture’s renowned confectionery treats, making it an ideal place to purchase local souvenirs.

(5-minute by car from Saryou SOUEN)

Akiu Craft Center

Craftsmen from a variety of fields gather to operate their own studios here in the Akiu Craft Center under the motto: “Cherish and advance traditional crafts.” Visitors can feel the very soul of craftsmanship at its best and get a close look at artisans demonstrating their superb skills handed down through the centuries.

(5-minute by car from Saryou SOUEN)

Akiu Winery

Akiu Winery was established as a core facility of community revitalization to help it recover from the devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition to the winery and the wine aging warehouse, the fashionable winery building also houses a souvenir shop, wine tasting corner and café.

(10-minute walk from Saryou SOUEN)

Guest Rooms

Our guest rooms are designed simply for luxurious relaxation – listening to the soft whispers of rustling leaves and leaving yourself entirely to the slow and quiet rhythms of time as it gently goes by. Each and every guest room faces the elegant Japanese garden that further enhances the luxury of relaxation and calm.

Onsen Bathing

Famed for its high therapeutic efficacy, the hot waters of Akiu Onsen is rated among Japan’s three finest hot springs, of which the Tohoku (northeast) region is very proud. Please enjoy our rustically charming open-air baths to your heart’s content.

Kaiseki Cuisine

Our colorful Chakaiseki cuisine features the finest possible ingredients that convey the flavors of each season. Please your palate with the blessings from the sea and the mountains – all from the Tohoku region also known as the “Deep North.”

Other Facilities

Aesthetic & relaxation

Our guests can receive therapeutic relaxation services in their own guest room.

Access Map

Aza Kamado Higashi, Yumoto, Akiu-machi, Taihaku-ku,
Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture 982-0241, Japan

Reservation by phone022−398−2311

Reservation accepted 9:00 - 20:00